Martin & Iolo’s Wildlife Road Trip

Wildlife TV presenters Martin and Iolo have teamed up for this highly entertaining, informative show that’s packed with facts and fun for the whole family.

They’re both extremely wild about wildlife and they’ve many funny and fascinating tales to tell – from childhood when their passion for nature and wildlife blossomed, to Martin’s love of chickens and Iolo’s connection with fish, a compulsive desire to skip school when the wild beckoned, to later events that led them to where they are today.

Martin reveals his experiences as a producer/director and Iolo recounts his time with the RSPB catching egg thieves and working with the army.

Exciting, funny, informative

The show involves audience participation and a wildlife ‘agony aunt’ to answer any wildlife questions you may have.

So why not join them for a sneak peak into their lives and a revealing ‘behind the scenes’ look at wildlife TV presenting and the fascinating things it entails?

It’s a very wild show!

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